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Beautiful Day(zzz)



I’ve had a beautiful day today.

On my way to work, I sat here thinking about writing the chronicle and using William du Bois’ “The Talented Tenth” as inspiration and I also had a passing thought about adding some of Steve Biko’s sentiments from: “ I write what I like”, then as quickly as those thoughts came, they soon left as I became consumed by the FM Stereo, the traffic on Cnr William Nicole and Sandton drive, thoughts that it was a few minutes to 08h00AM and how I should start  my day and sooner than later, all traces of the chronicle had been eliminated from my mind.

Driving back from work, I felt an intense surge of energy, really it is really definable as spirit. There I was, in Sandton traffic having a quasi-spiritual moment in the car while playing the radio louder and louder. For some strange reason I wanted fast paced music but a lot of drums too, aha, I found it in the form of Teddy Pendergrass and the Bluenotes…’ wake up everybody time to build a new land, no more backward thinking, time for thinking ahead…”

Yeah, that’s how it started. By the time I got home, I felt like a woman possessed. I have not touched cannabis in two years alright, nor anything leaning anywhere near that level of…narcotic but I felt high on something, could not have told you what, but that was SOMEthing.

I imparted some of this information, and I remember stating something like:  it’s a surge of energy that begs for release until word is born or visuals drawn” et to the cetera, that I think was when I was at the beginning of the peak of this high.

I then saw my text messages, one was from this morning, one  man I know, a Sheik-an elder- from Kenya who is spiritually gifted had written: “ Thuli, do not forget who you are, your elders are with you now”

How ironic that I should have only seen that message at that moment. I told another friend of mine that I feel totally high on extremely positive energy and she told me that she’s up in Limpopo and had met a prophet  earlier in the day and had spiritually invited me to a conversation that she and him had.

So, I told myself I would take a bath and then settle to eat dinner and get to writing this chronicle, I could not.

I got my phone, plugged  on the earphones and started blasting music…India Arie, Stevie Wonder, the Four Tops …still waters…still waters…& while sharing a funny moment with a friend, I laughed so much that I had to get a tissue and blow my nose. A bloody lump came out from the back of my throat, I then coughed something out. Medicine, Healing, Cured by laughter.

This entire ‘cleansing’ was 100% painless. Believe me I’ve had very bad flu infections where I’ve been on asthma ventilators and anti-biotic and bronco -dilators and  only after the deep manifestation of a debilitating influenza attack would I see such things even attempt to come out of my body.

Immediately after that, I have never felt so energized. I could run a marathon right now at like past ten in the evening. The spirit of partying then took over. I found myself dancing, singing and oh…I have not sung in a long time and my voice is still right on form-wow!  The problem is, this IS Monday evening and not Friday evening.LOL

I have no clue what the significance of the drums, singing, dancing and all that may have been on a day like this. So I decided to just get to it and pray. I was not praying to ask the Lord for anything but in my deep state of prayer- my intention was to give thanks to blessings, yes, we can do that too- in prayer.

I then realized that I have on many occasion offered distance healing to clients, and have listened to feedback on how people feel but it’s not easy being a healer in that, a healer does not heal him. Herself in the holistic sense. And all I can say is: WOW!

To think someone is sitting in Limpopo doing spiritual work and just has my name and here I am coughing bad vibes out. To think someone sitting in Kenya feels that my ancestral spirits are with me and this is the day I feel totally possessed. Yes!

A friend of mine said: “on the other side of the broomsticks that they always want to talk about in the Daily Sun, there are also the good ones’ damn straight!

I thank them. I thank them all.

All positively contributing factors right now.

I know I’m going on and on but my where I’m trying to get to with this specific chronicle is:

1-      Release happens more easily when you’re relaxed- e.g.: laughing

2-      Find yourself and who you are and everything else will fall into place

3-      Love what you do and it will love you back and take care of you

I affirmed earlier today that I am a born-artist-Yes I am.

I can: sing, write, paint, sketch, dress up like I’ve been styled by a designer, creative.

I made a decision today that I am not just going to sit around and let my talents go to waste.

I am a healer too and sometimes the wounded healer must first heal before picking up the broken pieces and starts to heal again.

I started this by saying that I had a good day today.

I had a good day today because I allowed myself to RECEIVE.

We get so addicted to giving that even when it is or should be part of our nature to receive or feel incoming vibrations and energy, we walk around so closed up , so closed up that even if God wanted to furnish us with all the abundance in the world, we would not recognize it as such.

Let me tell you a story about where these symptoms that have now been sorted out today came from in the first place.

Energetically, the energy center around the throat is turquoise in colour and is known as the throat chakra. This energy center is linked to communication – all forms thereof. (Physical, spiritual, telepathic, written, spoken, cryptic, writing…et al)

The front of the throat is the feminine aspect of the universe in control.

This has to do with how we receive information. Please note that people who are prophets and seers have highly active throat chakras as these people are in constant communication with spirit, angels, spirit guides, ancestors (whichever name you feel comfortable with).

Spiritually, someone who has a blockage on the front part of their chakra would find that they lose their ability to dream and will never have prophetic dreams at all because the ability to RECEIVE has been blocked.

Emotionally, this person would not be able to be receptive to affection or any kind of positive energy. This could also be someone who is shy and reserved and cannot or will not speak up for any reason, including if and when being violated.

Physically this person could have several throat-related ailments, from thyroid gland disorders, to mood swings to depression. This would also be someone who does not want to be talked to. Tonsillitis, Laryngitis, etc

The Back of the Throat Chakra is the masculine aspect of cosmic energy. This center relates to one’s ability to communicate, speak up, and stand up for themselves. People who have blockages in these areas will easily be the types of people who cannot speak up for themselves, may be more reserved and shy than they need to be. Socially, this blockage could have been induced by messages sent in childhood that say: “you are to be seen, not heard”

I will not delve much into what blockages in this area cause.

Since coughing this stuff out, and since I am writing this, I realized one thing:

I had been working in an environment where I had been suppressed and in a sense: “ voiceless” and that energy started eating at my throat.

I have been hurting over some issue or another for a while and that pain had created an energetic block or “ lock” – an opportunity for negative energy to simmer and it manifested as the chest pains and ‘stuff’ that was coughed out.

Coughing out is not only physical but there’s also emotional coughing out, when you’re sitting with something that you won’t take off your chest because you may have promised to keep a secret-those types of things-

I guess I have dealt with some issues and am ready to let go and because this is genuine and not some affirmation that I make to myself to convince myself of it, my body realized that there was no longer any use, any space, and any capacity for that negativity and chose to kick it right out of my body.

I still cannot then get over the synergy of events though. The fact that I was ready to let go of old baggage today, and that I was feeling elated because someone all the way up in Limpopo had invited me( spiritually) to a conversation she had with this errrrrm Guru. I felt that energy.

Guard your energy, take care of your spirit, and acknowledge the fact that emotion is just (Energy) in Motion and let it flow where it must and let go if you must as well.

Love and Respect & don’t be scared to either love or be loved.


Thulisa Qangule © 2012


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