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Salt as a Healing Herb

We all probably buy salt and use it for purposes of moderating and regulating the taste of the food.

I personally haven’t come across any woman’s cupboard that does NOT have salt.

Did you know that other than the overly publicised health risks associated with salt, salt is beneficial for your body?
…And not only that,Salt has other Metaphysical / Spiritual uses too…

Here they are:
Salt has the ability to absorb negative energy,and this is the reason why people will often sprinkle it in and around their homes.
There was spiritual methodology behind the concept of African Homes being built in the shape of a circle…
Apparently, corners catch and absorb energy the most and placing salt in corners is one way of ensuring clear spiritual spaces.

We can get creative with salts too. A quick way of cleansing the aura is to also take a salt bath. Hmmm…bath salts? Sure. They are more than just a nice way of sliding into a nice warm bath after a long hectic day.


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This entry was posted on November 17, 2013 by in Holy Armour in the Kitchen.
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