Words, Visions, Dreams, Voices of an African Woman Expressed by Thulisa Qangule

AbaNgoma…De-Mystifying the Craft.Please Bow & Respect

I’ve been trying to understand
Why our People fear Themselves
Indulge in self-hatred for so long
It has come to my attention that
The Cause is External and its been Fed to us like a pill and we have come to internalise and digest it,
as if it were the truth,
without further investigation.

I say…
This is Dangerous!

I will begin…
The attached image is an artist’s impression of Gog’Sithayi (Shaka Zulu’s High Priestess,Chief Advisor) who was portrayed as this bald-headed entity with glowing eyes that have no pupils.
A scary image.

As a young child, I came to associate the Image of a Sangoma, a Healer with such negativity.
The Rape of our
Image and Identity!

I read a book by Dr John Langalibalele Dube, uFuze,uMashiyaMahle ngathi uzoshumayela,uMapholoba.

The Book is Titled: Insila ka Shaka,and tells the story of Inkosi YamaZulu from an African perspective.
The story is relayed in a manner that I imagine,oral tradition would duplicate.
The depiction of Sithayi in that book is nothing like the portrayal in the epic Shaka Zulu series…except for the actual story itself,but the way she looked and carried herself seemed worlds apart from what we’ve been fed.

I reached a point of understanding that she was a High Priestess. A Prophet. A Healer. An Advisor. A Mediator. The Protector. The Door keeper of truth and Secrets.
Contrary to popular belief…
Our People’s idea of The Holy Trinity (Father,Holy Spirit and Son), was slightly different to what is assumed.

Let me explain a bit…
The Father/ Rre/Ra represents the masculine aspect of the universe. The right hand side of the cosmos.
Logic. The Realms of the Mind. The Giver,the Provider, The Traveller. The Element of Air and Fire.
Thunder and Winds and Lightening.

The Holy Spirit is the Mysterious,Intangible,Feminine Aspect of the Universe. The Creative. Intuitive.The Reciever. The Left Hand side of the Cosmos. Realms of the Unseen,the Spirit,The Soul.

The Son is the physical body and Everything that relates to our material needs. Clothes,Food,Shelter,

The Earth itself as a cosmic body.

KwaZulu,KwaNtu, we understood the Holy Trinity as this.
Father (uMkhulu Mkhulu)…note that Nkulunkulu was something that the Settlers started Mis- Pronouncing.

The concept is the same as what we know about ‘The Father’ of the Holy Trinity.

The Mother (uNomkhubulwane),the Earth Mother who brings us Fertility,Blessings,and the Rain.
The concept here is the same as that of ‘The Holy Spirit’ of the Holy Trinity.
In this instance the Head of the Feminine Spirit is acknowledged and remains Visible.

The Son. Umvelinqangi.(The One Legged Being)

Throughout my journeys to find certain common truths in the Eastern realms, I have learned that generally, the round shape, circles represent all things feminine. The earth,the Moon-Inyanga,
Even by design, the entrances to our wombs are round. The woman’s belly gets round when she brings forth a new soul to the world. The tools we use to feed our young,the breasts are rounded too.
Women were respected and given their honourable space,even spiritually, you had to understand that there is no Father without Mother,and this is why we had uNomkhubulwane.
She was honored by the way our homes were built- in circles.
Our calabaashes,pots and many other things honor the Feminine aspect.

Men are Linear in their symbolic representation. Even by physique, males are represented by lines. So their tools were the fighting sticks (induku), the spear (umnkhonto), like we have pots and the rounded huts, we get lines,such as Sunrays and Thunder etc.

This energy too is just as important as the Feminine aspect,but different. Men,rather than be receptive are the givers. Hence Father Jahwvah is Jirah The Provider…Seen?

So it is that as a person,you must understand both of these aspects. Respect both the Feminine and the Masculine.
The Key Of Life,represented by the Ankh (The Looped Cross)

And many have claimed that this is the original cross…contains both and male and female elements, Need I explain further…the loop(circle) and lines that cross each other.
It is also the key the Heavens, amaZulu.
It is our people’s representation of the body of life. Look at the Ankh at the bottom of this page and it does look like a one legged being with outstretched arms (Symbolism for Umvelinqangi,or the Custodian of the 3rd dimension, and not necessarily a physical being with 1leg)

Women are said to be the Recievers of Divine Energy and Spirit and Messages,hence the term: Diviner.
Dreams, Intuition, Visions.

Our indigenous word for that is: ubuNgoma-IsaNgoma. This too relates to all other artforms. Healing is actually considered as both a science and artform and so, I could easily say that I am a practitioner of the Healing Arts.
A Musician will therefore say he/she is a Practitioner of the Musical Arts.
A painter will say he/ she is a practitioner of the Visual Arts.

Healing simplified,is the ability and gift to Uplift,Enlighten,Educate,Learn,Teach etc.
Many who have incarnated in this lifetime as Healers not only end up working as Medical Doctors,but also as Artists, Beauticians,Stylists,Singers, Comedians,Motivational Speakers, Life Coaches, Emergency Services Providers, Customer Care/Relations People, Caterers, Chefs,Emergency Workers, Paramedics,the list goes on.
If you are any one of these things above, you too are a Healer!

Now let’s please talk about this thing called Spirit.
Everything that lives contains a Spirit, a Soul. Plants, the Soil, Animals, People. UMoja-the interconnectedness of all things.
It is said that the Soul or Ithongo in my Language, continues to live. Science has taught us that energy cannot be created,nor destroyed.
Each one of us has choice about whether or not we will use our gifts for good or evil,and this is called ‘Free Will’.

I must caution people here…often people refer to Idlozi or Isinyanya very loosely. Isinyanya or Idlozi is simply the soul or spirit of someone who has crossed over. There is no differentiation between Idlozi elithakathayo/Witch or Wizard and Idlozi eliphilisayo or elelaphayo/ Healer.
The only way we know the difference is by then working with Ithongo or Amathongo.(Other Xhosa Word is Amanyange)
Its said that after death,the soul goes through to a place known as Indawo Yesilwane, but the soul may hover around on the earthplane and remain earthbound before reaching this place.
Esilwaneni is where all the spirits that haunt buildings,people etc come from.

Souls People who die traumatically,or had/have unfinished business linger around. Souls of the unclean.

Esilwaneni is the African Version of Purgatory. That space between Heaven and Hell.That place that the soul takes upon a form that is half human,half animal. Aweh, this may explain the concept of the Tokoloshe.

Until a soul has completed its mission,it goes through to Esilwaneni upon Death, returns back to Ithongo (place of the living souls who have crossed over),and journeys back to Earth and it is also said that the Soul remains Esilwaneni and sometimes for Centuries resting,until God gives it a mission and it dreams again.
It is upon this ‘Dreaming’ or Ebuthongweni that the next lifetime or mission is found.

Once full completion of any one’s soul’s work is done, it never returns to Esilwaneni. It is said that this type of Soul goes Straight to Ethongweni and resides with the Light.
So, when we dream of our beloved departed ones, and even those who are still with us on this earth, iThongo has risen and souls have met.
Just as your soul awakens to dream, On the other side, those who have crossed over are doing the same.
Ubuthongo is the bridge.

Ithongo is then no different to an Angel, a Spirit Guide. Jesus is a Thongo for Christian People as he was resurrected after ‘death’ and that is what our ‘Mathongos’ are.
For more information about Amathongo, ways to awaken etc: see the below links:

Awakening Amathongo

Ukubuyisa iThongo

So…even as a Reiki Master, I have been very well trained in communicating with Ithongo.
I speak to the living souls of the dead?
Yeeeebo! Ung’zwe kahle lapho.
What do you think St. Peter,or the Virgin Mary are? I ask you to think about it as a matter of great urgency before you even think about an argument.

But also, I do not have all answers to everything.
I am not shown everything.
I do not dish out Lottery Numbers,Promise to Bring back lost lovers within a matter of hours.

I do not engage in the practise of bringing you promotions at work, I do not tell people about terrifying Tokoloshes that forever need clearing in return for large sums of money.
I am not that practitioner of the arts who clears one problem and creates another so that tomorrow you return as a client.
I do not go through elaborate rituals and things.
I do not wear a gallbladder attached to my locks, okay, I have a cowrie shell there… hey.
I do not walk around spicing people’s things up with crazy powders.
I am not a witch, nor am I a witchdoctor.
I am a Spirit Medium, a Channel, a Divine Conduit for Truth, The Higher Power. I ask for all things from The Holy Spirit. I work with the Holy Trinity and ask that all Healing, Messages and Guidance be Aligned with God’s Will.
So when I write a Poem, it is not the ‘I’ in me Speaking
When I find myself Drawing or Painting…I am very often Channelling Higher Messages
Even when I joke,there’s poignancy there.

I have Dreams,some Prophetic,some not.
I have Visions,some nice,some not.
I have a Voice and Voices and sometimes what they say is amazing, sometimes not.
I am still Human,sometimes I’m okay and some other times I’m Oooohhh Cray! And that’s okay.

The fact that I’m a strong woman gives nobody the right to offload on me…’She’s strong,she’ll handle it’ NO!

The fact that I have been blessed with this gift does not mean I am superior to others,in fact the opposite is true, I have to remain so humble that I must often remain below the radar so as to learn,observe and intuit.

I am a beautiful daughter of the soil and the rising sun.
My soul chose Azania,unanimously with God to be here at this time for this is a beautiful land.
I believe that even the many who have bled for the Freedom of this Country have done so and passed through purgatory/esilwaneni and gone straight to Heaven,eThongweni,eZulwini and are the Wise Souls that continue to speak through people like myself and some beautiful artists,healers and other people. I will name none so that none is above another,we are all here doing Divine Work.

The word Angel…is a Greek Word for Messenger.(Engel).
The Hebrew Word for it is Malaak.
In Swahili it is Malaika.
In Nguni, it is Isithunywa.
With Feathers (iiNtsiba) from all angelic realms and the gift of the garb, I too am Malaki.
Any Writer is one such Messenger. Ingelosi yezwe.
Me,You, and Many others are the same. Earth Angels and Mothers and Fathers,Daughters,and Sons
Beautiful Children of the Soil Incarnated as Humans to return to Source as Spirits once it has been recited: ‘Dust to Dust,Ashes to Ashes’.

Now, let’s go onto this other thing…

We once lived in pre-colonial times.
We had ways to deliver babies, perform dentistry, heal people with Nature’s Resources. The Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

Mostly men, became Herbalists, iinyanga, amaxwhele, rather than izangoma.
These were our pharmacists.
These were our chemistry experts.
We knew which plants served as antibiotics.
We knew which plants served as antihistamines.
We knew which plants served as anti-depressants.
We knew which plants were psychedelic tools to send us into a trance.
We knew which plants and foods worked best with each of our body parts.

That, when uncorrupted and used with the right reasons,for the right intent gave us the wisdom of the Medicine Men and Women.
Please understand the positive aspect of it.
When someone chooses to use umhlonyane for their flu rather than Corenza C- understand that their being at the traditional pharmacy does not make them ‘umthakathi’.

Please understand that in church people burn frankincense and candles and some do the same by burning imphepho and lighting candles. It is NOT witchcraft,unless of course we’ll deal accordingly with everyone that burns incense.

Please understand that while some find relaxation through Yoga and Breathing Techniques,we’ve known about Meditation or ukuThonga and when we do it, the right way and our souls journey outside the body to connect with truth, we are not doing so on brown loaves of bread and broomsticks.

Please understand that in Ancient Times, a Healer had to Meditate and ask iThongo for the Remedy and that would be in agreement with the organ or plant used. If it was found that an animal has to be slaughtered. We didn’t just butcher our animals. NO.
We spoke to the spirit of the animal,which must have been revealed by iThongo and that even that chosen animal understands the purpose. The meat from it would be Prayed for,and this is generally how we slaughtered. Not just nje for the nice biltong and leather items.

Even plant Medicines,would come via iThongo,meaning that if the spirit guide instructs that one must go and find a certain plant somewhere,that plant already has a contract and purpose and even then, one would speak to that plant so it serves its purpose. I would not just uproot it and chop it savagely,and ruthlessly
So,even as we consume foods,be it vegetables and meat,we must respect it and understand the purpose.Praying before we eat? Give Grace and Thanks.
The energy with which our plants are uprooted from the soil, the energy with which our animals are killed, the soil that carries the cries of many people who have been disgraced,displaced and disrespected still carries us,it is our Home, Azania,we must respect it in order for it to respect us.

People come from far lands to our country and find that we are copying foreign tongues and cultures whose depths we do not fully understand.
Beautiful Earth Child
Respect Yourself and Others Living on this Land
Love Yourself, your Skin has been Kissed by the Sun
The strands aka your hair- hugs tight to protect against harsh sunrays
Women…our hips have been well rounded to give birth to Kings and Queens
Men, your Swords and Knobs have been designed to lovingly plant seeds into your Women
Our Culture has stood the test of time and has sustained us from the first man and woman,so it cannot be evil nor stupid

I dare you to dig deep.
If you find that answers come readily,then Great
If you find that this realm is too deep,too daunting.then return to your comfort zone,but without violating this space
If you find that this subject opens up fears and pain and things you’re not ready to deal with,then respect people like me even deeper!
If you find that this has been a journey that has enlightened you-Camagu-Thokoza
If this very blog has irritated you,agitated you.ask yourself what it is that’s kept you captivated ’till the last word and I fear you may be in the habit of attaching yourself too much to things you don’t want or like.

I hope this little bit of writing helps,even by giving just a pint of wisdom.
Kancane kancane…we take baby steps in the right direction.

Peace,Love,Light,Divine Protection.Balance,Healing,Soothing,Joy are my wishes for you at once.

Salani…Andilandelwa ngabahamba nezibi.Mandilandelwe kokuhle kuphela

And in true African Style,let me close this session with song for those who relate:

‘Senzeni na? (Senzenina,senzenina)

Sono sethu …(Sono sethu bubumnyama, sono sethu bubumnyama)

Sohlangana…(Sohlangana eZulwini Sohlangana eZulwini)…’

(Loosely translates to:
What have we done?
What’s our sin? Being black?
We shall meet again,where you will deal with us…in Heaven or In spirit)’

…Such is the intimidating factor about the wisdom of our voices as a people…

Kude kube ngunaphakade
Kude kube ngunaphakade
A’ aah aum-Men!

Thulisa Qangule 2013©


13 comments on “AbaNgoma…De-Mystifying the Craft.Please Bow & Respect

  1. thulani
    November 24, 2013

    Wow you so talented

  2. Nthabiseng JahRose Jafta
    November 24, 2013

    we meed to respect the soil so it may respect us back.
    I am so you right now!

    • iNdlovukazi
      November 24, 2013

      Enkosi JahRose, and coming from one writer to another, I really take that as a full complimant. *Bow* ryte back@cha sisi.

  3. khumalozama0
    November 24, 2013

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Made me realise that there is more to love not only about myself, my fellow brothers and sister but Mother Nature most importantly.

    • iNdlovukazi
      November 24, 2013

      Wrrrrrr—–>rite back@u with all that LOVE.
      (Oooh,let me get it straight and clear now)
      Love is not that thing people make between the sheets, that is the result of lust.
      There is a love that is unconditional and divine,
      A love that serves to nurture the very life force that sustains us
      A love God created us with
      That LOVE is what Mntungwa and I are referring to – before it is percieved that we are corrupt beings declaring love in Cyberspace.
      Right back @ u Mntungwa!

  4. Siphiwe Billy Sigudla
    November 24, 2013

    nice one,you can write and the factual of historic happenings,cultured

    • iNdlovukazi
      November 24, 2013

      Dankie Bhuti.

      LOL…uNana uphasile uSub-A,or uGrade 1 es’koleni…Manje usekwazi ukubhalela abantu incwadi—-Kade ku Deep la KwaNdlovukazi, sekumele ng’hleke kancane nje.


  5. Louis Mncina
    November 27, 2013

    Beautiful article, Thulz

  6. Xolelwa
    May 21, 2014

    I want to learn from you!

  7. ghd south africa
    January 4, 2015

    thanks for share!

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