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Healing Herb in My Spice Rack-Garlic-Isihaqa

Spice,Remedy,Pill,Protection Amulet,Healing Plant

Spice,Remedy,Pill,Protection Amulet,Healing Plant

So, what’s a good Pizza without good old Garlic Spice in it?
Isihaqa is the Nguni name for it.

Did you know that other than its use in adding a bit of zing to your tastebuds
Garlic has been used for purposes of Healing by Indigenous People-This World Over?

I’m gonna break it down and tell you what this herb does for your body, and then tell you what its spiritual purpose is as well.

Healing the body with Garlic

This Herb/Spice is classified as an anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial entity in one.

When crushed,minced or chewed
Garlic produces a chemical known as Allicin and it does the following:

    Acts as a blood thinning agent. As a result of this, garlic may prevent blood clotting, reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, as well as regulate overall blood circulation&protects the heart.
    For the same reason listed above, it may also slightly increase the Libido – You have been WARNED.

Reduces Blood Pressure. Please go easy if you have anaemia or general issues associated with Low Blood Pressure.

    Assists with skin conditions,especially fungal ones such as ringworm and athletes foot. Squeeze freshly pounded garlic juice on a wound or the affected skin area and voila…you will be relieved.

Reduces plaque formation in the blood system and helps to reduce high cholesterol

    Relieves toothaches

Assists with combating food poisoning

    Women’s Health and Issues:
    Garlic is also a womb cleanser.
    Take a full garlic clove and insert in your VG at night before you go to bed (no hanky panky please…) And it will assist in clearing things such as thrush and other minor intimate irritations.
    You may make an incision and use clean cotton so as to make a thread that you can use to pull it out when you awake in the morning.
    Many irritations for women arise from soap, PH imbalance, allergies etc.


    Spiritual Benefits of Garlic

    Just for humour I’ll tell you that they say this herb keeps vampires away. Hang it in our living space and no vampires will catch you.

    On a serious note now…

    Garlic has a protective spirit.
    People have worn garlic cloves as beads and the reason for this is to protect the aura from negative entities. It’s a good and quick tool to use when you don’t have time for much else.

    In times of emotional turmoil or distress, keep a garlic clove close by, or simply wear garlic clove beads and you should be able to work on your issues without further negativity infiltrating in,for it is often during times of distress or turmoil that we also attract negativity and hence the African Notion of ‘isinyama’ or ‘bad aura’ that afflicts one unknowingly.

    Please note that you should still contact or be seen by a medical practitioner in extreme cases. This is a general guide for minor physical conditions.
    This information is not to be used as a medical prescription, rather, use it as a practical tool and as complimentary medicine.

    Below are some references as well:

    Physical Healing With Garlic

    Spiritual Healing With Garlic

    …Power to Sista Afrika…I own the power that resides within my spice rack and no longer take offense to being barefoot, in a dress in the kitchen for this is Divinity at work and at best.
    Power to Brothers who do not fear the Kitchen.


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