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The Holiest of Oilies…Olive Oil and its multi-dimensional benefits

Holy Oily

Holy Oily

Contrary to popular belief, not all oils and fats in our diets are bad.
Olive Oil has multiple benefits,and on every level of being.
Who ever would have thought?

For as long as I’ve been alive, Fish Oil has been the thing that’s dominated the kitchen cabinet at home.
That’s where our hot fried chips (French Fries), Fat Cakes, Donuts etc were made with. In. Fact, there are those lovely deep fried fish cakes…yum!

In my quest to reduce my waistline, 20kilograms of added weight later…
(I fell off the health bandwagon for a bit- I forgive self, now let’s move along swiftly)…

I discovered this thing called Olive Oil.
I found a surgical version at the pharmacy and this got my curiosity going even further.

As I read up more on this, I discovered that Olive Oil assists with weight loss.
Extra Virgin Olive Oil has the healthiest fats that you can find in any oil. It has been alleged that this oil can even assist with preventing Metabolic Syndrome.
(Just when you thought 0% oil and fat was the way huh)

A teaspoon of Olive Oil can soothe a dry cough, relieve a sore throat and open up the vocal cords.
A teaspoon before going to bed apparently helps with snoring.
It may also help to prevent conditions like:

For more information on its health benefits, you may check out the below link:

Health Benefits of Olive Oil

For Beauty and Vanity Purposes, Olive Oil is the best skin moisturiser there is out there.
It is 100% Natural.
The Oil can be directly applied to the skin and may also serve as a topical cream to help soothe conditions like Psoriasis.
You may also pour 1/4 of a cup in your bath-tub and use it as a skin moistuiser.
It is amazing for hair,both as a Hair Treatment Tool and as a Moisturiser.


In the metaphysical sense, this Oil is said to repel negative energies and/or entities and helps to magnify the Power of the Holy Spirit.
Rather than go through the entire story,re-writing, you may pop into the below link for more info. Or you may do your own research on this topic.
Olive Oil and Spirituality-History and Benefits

Happy Oiling.

Article Written by Thulisa Qangule ©2014


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