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The Evil that is Colourism: Worse than Apartheid_50 Shades of Brown

There is a monster parading in our land. She openly clutches the hearts and souls of our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and coming generations while we entertain her. Her name is Colourism, her hubby is Apartheid, their children are Internalised Racism, Self Hatred, and Negative Reinforcement.

Has anybody thought about how offensive it is to our Ancestors, to spend our lives trying to stamp out any traces of our predecessors in ourselves.
Imagine you had a child who strongly resembled you, who spent her days, nights, and hard-earned money to make sure that she looks NOTHING like you…
How would that make you feel?

Well, every single time I see someone going as far as risking their health so they can put chemicals strong enough to incinerate a sewage (and even smells so) on their sculps just so they resemble a race they don’t belong to, is beyond painful. Observing and watching that level of self hatred is beyond disturbing.

It tells little children that non-self-acceptance is the way to be.
It makes a fool of the self to the very people one is attempting to emulate.
The crazier thing is when it still doesn’t look right. Perhaps, a bit like a puppy covered in sheep’s wool?

Like Joan Rivers would say: #Makeitstop!

South Africa has such beautiful history and we all believed we had conquered apartheid, but then why are we seeing skin lightening creams, cream relaxers, weaves, drug-taking men and women driven beyond driven to obtain the emaciated look seen on European modelling ramps?
Why in the world are people still singing: ‘Tswang tswang tswang leboneng ngoana utshwana le le colouredi’
(Come come come and see, the child looks biracial)???

…encouraging that black men go for the lighter skinned ladies…

What happens to our dark skinned mothers and grandmothers? What happens when the child given birth to is dark in colour and the light skinned children in the family are given preferential treatment?What is to be said of the light skinned child, born of the dark skinned mother/aunt or child bearer who has eternal issues with them as they are perceived as more attractive? Is this not breeding deeply etched dysfunctions in our own homes?
This leads me to the very next issue that’s a deep bother; the white-washing of ethnic people-globally.
The erroneous perception that any brown person who happens to be a much lighter shade, with straighter hair and closer to European features, is the ‘superior’ version of the non-white is absolute *A-grade manure*

In the days of colonial slavery, Masters and Madams dressed their house slaves in western clothing, treated their hair with harsh chemicals, due to the lack of knowledge about ethnic hair. The so-called idea of making Ethnic Hair more ‘manageable’ by frying it using hot combs and chemicals began.
The more the slave actually resembled the Master, the better and more ‘refined’ they were perceived to be.

This gave the darker skinned ethnic person, grave insecurities about survival, their future etc, thereby fueling the perception of the darker black as lower class and the more ‘inferior’ brand of the ethnic person.

I don’t blame those who would have then sought mating with lighter skinned folk, it makes sense when that’s what you need to do to survive. The B-Side of it, is that in the process, a new race is created.
Can we call biracial people, mulatos, creoles, or coloureds as we call them in South Africa a race of their own, or are they still classified as ‘negroid’?

I have come across black women who struggle to love themselves unconditionally, who have engaged in self hatred all their lives because they were darker-skinned. Nobody ever referred to them as Beautiful.
Some of these women have developed nasty traits, and have grown into indirect, manipulative, scheming beings because they have not received the level of validation that their light skinned counterparts have.

Bring a yellow-bone into an interview, and bring the dark beauty in as well and you tell me who the person most likely to get the job is…the dark skinned girl with an Afro? The light skinned lady with fake hair?

People are taught by some employers to ‘neutralise’ their accents. In the quest for refinement, are we not re-colonising ourselves and committing self oppression?

I strongly believed that when our foremothers and fathers fought for equality, was to allow for us to be ourselves and understand that we are all equal.
Isn’t trying to extremely modify yourself and mould yourself into another, just another form of mental colonial slavery?

Black women…
What is so un-manageable about your own natural hair that you must fry it, or hide it behind someone else’s hair? Can you not plait, or braid it? #justasking

What is so disgusting about having the same skin colour as Queen Nefertiti, or Cleopatra? Or are you saying you’re not aware of your lineage altogether?

Sorry, Egypt is really IN Africa.
All those Pharaohs and Queens were African.
Because Hollywood has fed US, sitting in Africa, with images of Liz Taylor playing an Egyptian Queen that we’ve all come to believe that those people of Kush and Nubia were originally Caucasian.
Many of them today are Mulatto, mixed race and yellow as the sun as the interracial marriages took place. Do not be fooled by present day Kush. Research some more…Mummies have been excavated with dreadlocks…#deep
See it for what it is
We are so colonised that I am beginning to fear that all efforts at African Renaissance are fast evaporating into rusted locks of the past.

We fear the wealth and depth of our own skin-colour. Is it a wonder that South Africa is also xenophobic? Hardly!
I cannot trust an African who prefers to buy another’s hair, nose, lips, skin-tone, to educate ME or ANYONE properly on what is right and isn’t right.
I do not trust anyone befitting the above description as an ambassador of our culture and values at all.
I even struggle to perceive some of them as beacons of black success.
Kanjani? How?
When they themselves doubt that their blackness is even something to wear with pride?
They almost always want to attribute all their accomplishments to anything other than their African-ness.

The psychological scars of this colourism illness are beyond deep.
A friend of mine recently informed me about ((yellowbone parties)) that people host in Johannesburg.
The placard no longer reads: “Whites Only”, it now reads: “Light Skinned Blacks Only”

Families have gone to pains to change their surnames, where a Mthimkhulu became a Grootboom. The meaning was retained, but the language changed, to suit the oppressive system of the past.

I keep hearing young blacks twanging their lingo out their noses.
I heard a woman speak about WhoMyrns (Humans), and her Moern (Man) on the radio and it sliced through my psyche, I almost suffered instant rigamortis.
Why??? Black People of the diaspora…Why?

We have brothers and sisters on the continent, who hosted, housed and embraced South Africans during the Apartheid era, and we weren’t lynched, maimed or killed by them.
To hear of unrest in Soweto in 2015, and we are no longer dealing with the white man, as we as South Africans are putting our African brothers and sisters through the grill,

by far crosses the line of embarrassment.

Say what?

I recall hearing people say things like: ‘Mayibuye i-Africa’, good people, Africa is not restricted to South Africa, nor are we detached from the rest of it.
Fry your hair all you want, bleach that skin all you want, you will remain a chemically burned black woman.
When Michael Jackson died, reference was still made to a 50 year old Negro…never once was he referred to as a 50 year old Caucasian male.

We must learn what liberation truly is…
The above means that we can accept ourselves for who we are, no inferiority or superiority complex. No playing run and catch up.
An Afro is NOT dirty, neither are dreadlocks, braids, short cropped natural hair, or even kinky hair weaves…
If you otherwise disagree, then I urge you to think deeply about where it is you’ve internalised your toxic and poisonus perceptions from.

Colourism is another form of discrimination, oppression, and is worse than apartheid because it is often committed by members of the ethnic races and no longer the white man.shades of brown_1422698433668_s

Anything else shall be left to you to think further about and meditate on.
The purpose of this blog is to get the thought processes going…

African Ranaissance did not initiate only to meet this kind of bludgeoning.

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3 comments on “The Evil that is Colourism: Worse than Apartheid_50 Shades of Brown

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  2. thomas
    February 28, 2015

    You have said it more than I have ever found it been said,Blacks are now a lost nations they have been whitewashed into thinking Black is bad,ugly or weak.yet their White predecessors who they worship so badly have annihilated man,woman and kids with no mercy,because their white colour complex makes them weak,so they kill and maim to feel I wonder what in the hell’s name an African is doing trying to whiten him/ could you try to be like someone who has killed your forefathers?

    • Ndlovukazi
      February 28, 2015

      Its not even about vengeance @ this point.
      What I am saying is: the way we are is the way God chose to create us. Coiled hair, different hues and degrees of melanin as natural sun-screen.

      How would you, as a pet-owner feel if you walked in your house and found scratches and hisses and purrs because the grey-striped cats are demanding supremacy and dominion over the ginger striped cats.
      Then you still have the monotone cats roaming around ‘homeless’ when you’ve created space for all of them to enjoy being in that yard–»EQUALLY?
      @ the rate that African women are told about the unprofessionalism of their natural hair in work-spaces, in 2015, I wonder if anyone’s thought about the variety of OTHER genetic features we have…
      We may as well escalate it further and say people below, or above a certain weight appear ‘unprofessional’, people shorter or taller than a certain height appear ‘unproffessional’
      Then we’ve got to ask: ‘@ what cost will the adjustment come?’ Then when the answer we get to is that people will have to ingest poison in order to ‘amend’ themselves, it becomes clearer that African skies that the subtle message relayed is: ‘no blacks allowed/accepted’.

      Its crazy!!!
      I listened to an interview where Ahmed Kathrada defined the ‘rating system’ in jail and he went as far as to state that even in Robben Island, political prisoners weren’t given the same treatment. It was as below:
      ‘The Indian Prisoners were given bread with their porridge and were allowed socks and shoes in winter. The coloured prisoners were occassionally given bread with their porridge and based on so-called good behaviour, they’d be awarded with socks, and/or shoes for warmth. The black african prisoners walked barefoot’

      This clearly sends the message too that in BEE rating sorta situations, everyone non-white, from the Oriental to the Negroid is defined as ‘black’ in South Africa and so the quotas are filled that way BUT if you’re gonna be black, you’ve got to be the so-called refined black who’s consuming the lighters, friers, straighteners, illegal pills to reduce hip and butt size? Really?
      When does this madness stop? Then we run around declaring ‘free’ status…really? Free from what?
      Yes, the ‘rough edged’ form of apartheid is gone but there’s the soft whispering of it that continues to molest our beings daily and a day will come when its no longer a whisper but a giant @$$ ((SCREAM)).
      Until the closets that continue to harbour, nurture and refine the skeletons of oppression have been cleared, we’ve got a long way to go.
      We are not ready to call ourselves free if we are not ALL free and on every level of the word FREE.

      *for those who will prefer to misconstrue my words or take things out of context and wanna be causing havoc, BEWARE, the law still applies, propriety and reason of course MUST be applied. Even in pre-colonial Africa or Akebulan there were rules, laws and restrictions. I am not speaking of freedom in the sense of recklessness, lawlessness and empty rebellion yet we cannot continue to act like there are no rumblings going on just beneath the surface when the symptoms continue to ail us in our daily lives.*

      -drops mike-

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