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Le Tour de Mash…a photographic tour

I’ve always wished I’d had a visual mind so I could compress everything I express in words – in pictures.

Books have always been revered for their ability to tele – port oneself into another world, realm or space – instantly.

Well, one South African man who defines himself as a tourist in his own country has just the ability to translate things our eyes land on and never quite capture with attitude, intensity, grace, often doing justice to, thereby immortalizing one moment in one swift capture via celluloid.

I am not going to spend much time explaining in a thousand words what pictures can do in seconds.

Below I’ve added about 1% of a 10th of this man’s mind.

*I’ve selected these images to display the juxtaposition of the modern, urban Afropolitan against the more traditional, not-so urban African in one space.


find him on Twitter: @lmashiya

Traditional AfricaThis is AfricacosmopolitanWelcome to the virtual tourMash in the city


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