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Hermes found in the New Testament

A very interesting view on things

My Questions-n-Journey to Answers

Since I found the teachings of Hermes in the Old Testament, I knew the translators placed it in the New Testament as well.   I asked myself, where could it be?  I thought which one of the books in the New Testament is closest to the Jewish religion.  Then it clicked.  Another name for Jew is Hebrew.  It more than likely was in the book of Hebrews.  To my surprise, I think I hit the lottery.  Let me show you what I found.

My favorite ancient art and science is Numerology (arithmetic).  Subsequently, I started counting the letters of specific words.  For instance, the word Hebrew is the number 34 or 7.  Additionally Hebrews equals 35 or 8.  The number 8 is the same number as God (17 or 8).  The symbol for infinite is a sideways number 8.  It’s been said numbers don’t lie.

In the book of Hebrews, it…

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