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House Music in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Afro-Digital Migration

From AfroPolitanXplosiv…’Its all about house music’…read on

Afro politan Explosiv

In her unique brand of DJ Scholarship, Los Angeles born, DJ Lynnee Denise brings reflective essay writing to the sonic corridors of House Music. She invites us into her world, as she walks the streets of Johannesburg, Newcastle, Durban, Pretoria tracking the Afro-Digital Migration of House Music from its birthplace in Chicago to South Africa after apartheid.

My dearest Chicago, you are the architect for the house that Jack built, but little did you now that your music was fuelling the rage and resistance against apartheid [House music, the most popular style of music in South Africa, originally started in Chicago in the 1980s]. Little did you know that this electronic music created in your mama’s basement would become a part of the cultural fabric of one of the most historically complex places on earth.

It wasn’t that we in the States didn’t care, but we were busy with…

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