Words, Visions, Dreams, Voices of an African Woman Expressed by Thulisa Qangule

Through us. To us. For us

Every breath is a seed
Every heartbeat
A dance
Thoughts become trances
Of the million voices
That speak through us
To us
For us
To become them.

We are the many fragments
Of God’s broken pieces
Mirrored through and
As each other
Manifest in 3D forms
As separated entities

Our light forms so many shadows
The brighter we shine
The darker our shadows become
Until we trick ourselves
Into believing that they are
Of a separate source
We fear
Therein we open the door
Through in
The Devil’s many broken fragments
They mirror us
As negatives
Every shadow must re-mind
That somewhere
Exists the Light
For one does not exist
Without the other.

Every emotion is
Energy in motion
Dancing on the infinite spectrum
That is creation
To feel
Is to experience energy taking form
Through self
To deny feeling
Is to deny the language God expresses
Through us
Humanity judges emotion
The Creator does not
Imagine what it is not to feel
Such is death.

We so often search beyond ourselves
For beauty Divine
We dive deep into the depths
Of each other
Till we are so consumed
Our own selves exist as distant whispers
Until the flaming swords
Of separation lynch and burn us
To the point of re-turning
To our own grounded centers
For it is through our
Wholeness in Self
That we become Holy
And ‘all ye are Gods’ becomes Truth
How do we honour Holy
Through broken-ness?

God is not a broken piece
But many of us are
Walking with splintered hearts
Muddy souls
Fucked up minds
Ill intentions
Violent emotions
Speaking vile into each other’s lives
Projecting jealous gazes
Trying to piece our dreams together
While breaking other people’s hearts
Seeking control over others
When we barely manage to
Sail ourselves through the
Many wild winds of life
Is it so hard to open up
To our own fragility
Humane ness

Every soul is a gift
Every life
Creation’s art form
Telling God’s story told
To us
For us
By us
Until we meet God again.

Copyright©2013-2017 Thulisa Qangule. All rights reserved.


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This entry was posted on June 8, 2017 by in Poetry.
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