Words, Visions, Dreams, Voices of an African Woman Expressed by Thulisa Qangule

Gogo says…

Do not take my forgiveness For granted It is not easy to love through A broken heart Do not fake your forgiveness For show My fury will turn Pieces Of … Continue reading

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Through us. To us. For us

Every breath is a seed Every heartbeat A dance Thoughts become trances Of the million voices That speak through us To us For us To become them. We are the … Continue reading

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We didn’t ask for critics, We need parents. We didn’t ask for critics, We need Teachers. We didn’t ask for judges, We needed Priests. We didn’t ask for critics, We … Continue reading

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Dive into the wind

I took a dive into the wind Where my wings Opened up like rose petals Free! I took a dive into the wind Where I struggled with gravity, the winds, … Continue reading

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Love Speaks

Listen… I will make you surrender a thousand times Twist you, break you,prove you wrong Name you Shame you If you do not humble yourself I will make you crawl … Continue reading

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Poetry and Me. This is why I W-right

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Just-In Psycho…LISTEN…

Africa is not your whore to exploit and pick jokes and empty words at Yes… her consciousness is just in yet she behaves as though she’s been long in Her … Continue reading

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Little Girl Tell Me…Woman What Happens?

Little Girl Tell Me… When they teach you To make your bed perfectly So that one day you make perfect beds for your husband and children Today You’re a woman … Continue reading

November 14, 2013 · 4 Comments

Entitlement to dis-Respect?

Its riddling my mind That when we are meant To unconditionally respect Our Elders And then some of them lie And then some Manipulate us at the Helm of fear … Continue reading

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Bringing $3xy Back…2012/14

  Bringing $3xy Back… You know…I flipped through some photos of a friend of mine and I saw how he’s changed, I mean physically changed through the years. Hmmm, that … Continue reading

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